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Cyber-Security and Information Assurance

Cyber-Security and Information Assurance

SSI leverages years of experience in cybersecurity, information operations and information assurance (IO/IA) to successfully protect our customers’ critical information and infrastructures from the most complex threats.

From Vulnerability Assessments to Information Assurance, Monitoring and Traffic Analysis to Information Operations, SSI’s integrated cybersecurity solutions safeguard mission-critical systems against the widest range of internal and external threats. SSI’s end-to-end offensive and defensive solutions constantly monitor and protect against breach, fraud, theft and sabotage.  

No matter how complex the system or threat, SSI is trusted by global governments and Fortune 500 companies to deliver a proven, powerful line of cyber defense.

Enterprise Information Assurance (IA) Solutions and Services

·         Cross-Domain Information Sharing

·         Data protection

·         Perimeter defense

·         Cryptographic solutions

·         Public Key Infrastructure (PKI)

·         Certification and accreditation

·         Security architectural engineering and systems integration

Monitoring and Traffic Analysis

·         Network monitoring / auditing

·         Endpoint / insider threat protection

·         Real-time network traffic analysis

Advanced Persistent Threat (APT) Solutions

·         Zero-day behavior-based detection

·         Malware detection and mitigation

·         Anomaly detection

·         Cyber threat analysis

·         On-site CERT and SOC support

Vulnerability and Security Assessments

·         Physical and information security assessments

·         Software vulnerability testing

·         Penetration testing / red teaming

·         Compliance and security audits

Computer Network Operations (CNO)

·         Vulnerability research

·         Tool production

·         Open source exploitation

·         Threat identification / assessment


·         Critical program information identification

·         Critical technology protection

·         Requirements analysis & definition

·         Robust, cost-effective system solutions

Supply Chain Integrity

·         Hardware authentication and tagging

·         Static binary analysis of software

·         Dynamic binary analysis of software

·         Counterfeit detection

Training Solutions

·         Cyber professional training in IO, IA, AT, and computer forensics

·         Customizable, scalable, continually updated

·         Classroom, instructor-led web-module, and on-demand

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