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Have you installed a remote CCTV or DVR surveillance video system? Exploring the possibilities of doing so? Many SSI clients turn to us for remote video monitoring after finding out that it's not enough to just install a CCTV or DVR system; without remote monitoring your system becomes nothing more than a playback machine for use after an incident occurs. With SSI's remote video monitoring service, our professional security personnel will monitor your system live, as often or as little as needed, and at your location or ours.

Remote video monitoring is a popular option for businesses lacking a large security budget. Since one SSI professional can monitor several systems at once, you share the cost of monitoring with several other companies. SSI also partners with several firms that provide high quality CCTV and DVR systems and installations.

Video Surveillance and Remote Monitoring via industry standard cctv software and solutions.  We also sell various IP Cameras and equipement.

We can provide physical security guards, personal protection details as well as required security guard training, certification and personal protection (CCW) training..

Many customers utilize our services to ensure that their corporate data and assets are secured an accessible 24/7.  These services are provided by Cloud Service Providers.

When you partner with SSI for security, you get highly trained, professional security personnel who actually take pride in monitoring your system. Our security guards are trained to watch for suspicious activity before, and during, business hours. They know what to look for, they know what's worthy of your attention, and they know the proper steps to take should a threat be identified. SSI also safely stores your video recordings in temperature-controlled rooms guarded by our security team, which ensures that your security data always remains intact and in optimal visual condition.

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